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      The formerly Abyssinia the present Ethiopia is a country with a long and pride- worthy history. This has been attested by historians of the various ages. For instance, in his book entitled peryplus of the Eritrean sea a certain Greek merchant has described the Axumite civilization of the time in which he states that the seaport known by the name of Adulis was the 3rd seaport in the world outside of the   Mediterranean.

Ethiopia, the Jewel of Africa, a true gem of the continent because of the wondrous and appealing places and Attractions that people can’t ignore of; beauty that can’t be rejected; value and appeal, that’s truly known and istinct to others. The name of the company is the overall ymbol of our country, our pride and our home, Ethiopia - a real gemstone in this Continental Africa.

Ethiopia is the country of amazing contrast and fascinating diversity. She is composed of soaring rugged mountains, roaring giant rivers, undulating plains and sharp cliffs. The outstanding land marks are the central highlands and the lowlands of the east and the south.

Ethiopia is the water tower of Africa in which many rivers originated from.For instance the longest river in the world,Abay (the Blue Nile),Tekeze,Awash,Genale,                                                                    

Wabeshebele are some of them.

 Ethiopia has 11 National Parks and 3 protected areas

 Ethiopia has several millennia of history. Going back as far as 2800 B.C. and beyond, this land was known as one of the major seafaring powers of the world. In those days, it ranked among the four great powers of the time. The 3.5 million years old remains of ‘Lucy’ (Australopithecus Afarensis) and the much older (4.4 million years) fossil of the Homo Ramides make Ethiopia one of the earliest inhabited places in the world. Similarly, the earliest hand tools discovered in it make it the origin of modern technology. The culture of the people is diverse and colorful. This is manifested in the various languages, throbbing music, attractive hairdos, and friendly attitudes of the people. As a cultural mosaic Ethiopia is a multi- ethnic state. There are a bounty of fascinating costumes, color ceremonies and celebrations, arts, crafts, music and dance that distinguish Ethiopia to diminutive Africa.

 Ethiopia is the land of stunning beauty. This is where breath-taking mountain scenery contrasts and merges with silent gorges and deep chasms. The chain of mountain ranges stretching from Tigray & wollo in the north through the central highlands of shewa and extending in a south easterly curve to Harar and Bale constitute a giant screen of captivating imagery and color.

  Ethiopia is blessed with most of the beauties of nature. Her deep valleys, roaring rivers, meandering steams, jagged mountains, secluded monasteries, and minaret topped mosques are all fascinating to see. The numerous parks and hot spring are also tantalizing and refreshing. Climatic variations and the isolated forbidding nature of her highlands have made Ethiopia a unique habitat for rare plants, mammals and birds. The parks, reserves and sanctuaries ensure the protection & survival of plant genera & fauna.

 The endangered species are protected in the 11 national parks, 13 wild life reserves and 18 controlled hunting areas. Ethiopia has more than 862 species of birds, 277 species of mammals, 200 species of reptiles, 148 species of fish, 63 species of amphibians and thousands of plants specimens.

She has the following endemics

  1. 600-1400 plant species
  2. 33 mammal species
  3. 16 bird species
  4. 24 amphibian species
  5. 9 reptile species
  6. 4 fish species

             Ethiopia has 9(nine) UNESCO world heritage sites. These are:

  1. Axum
  2. Lalibela
  3. Simen mountains national park
  4. Tiya
  5. Awash valley
  6. Lower omo valley
  7. Harar
  8. Gonder
  9. Konso cultural landscape

ETHIOPIA, having so many historical and natural sites and diverse cultural, historic & natural tourism attractions, tourism should have been one of the country`s largest industries; but unfortunately the country could not get the economical benefits it deserves from the sector.